Gardens of Healing - My Special Space

The easiest place to create a large special space is in the garden or park...

This is the first special space I have created in a backyard - in this case my back garden with a lovely friend, Liz.

Friends, clients and I have witnessed some pretty amazing things clairvoyantly when this "portal" activates as a healing in the room beside it is underway.

While these pictures cannot show you the ceremonial laying of each layer nor the energy of what was created (unless you are sensitive and can tune in), they do give some insight into the loveliness of the creating process.


Called in land, guardians, devas, Spirit to team with us.
Scratching the Flower of Life pattern into the dirt.

CreateOutline in_Crystals

Centre point has 3 layers of crystals:
clear quartz laser/wand  I called "St Michael's Sword",
natural 8-faced obsidian, rainbow hematite,


Outline - 3 layers of "drawing" with crystal chips

The medicine_wheel-flower_of_life_healing_circle

Filled in by 4 layers of patterns "drawn" with crystals. This included one code we recognised: a code for the DNA

The Healing_Circle_before_the_grass_is_laid

8 clear quartz points/generators surrounding the geometry.


Covered in grass so practical. Other crystals can be laid on top, or people can lay on top without damage to geometries.

Later outlying directional points were been anchored with:

North (under fountain): dead Rosella, banksia seed pod, shells
East and West: Hedge plants clipped into sacred geometries
South: A glass container (shaped like the Sun) filled with chips


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